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This page is under construction but the aim is to illustrate the time of events from the islanders eviction from Diego Garcia in the seventies, up to the present day.

Life in the islands went
on as normal with no hint
of what would happen
20 years later.

The Islanders were
self sufficient and lived
happy and contented lives
depending on no-one but
themselves for their well

United States Armed
Forces assumes control
of Diego Garcia.

Military hardware starts to 

United States Government of the
day acquires control of Diego Garcia
from British Colonial Rule.

Photograph [right] shows Ilois children being 
taught normally in a makeshift classroom. 
After 1965 scenes like this were rare.

Officials from the UK and US
Governments of the day officially close    
the islands.
Islanders are thrown into turmoil as their
livelihoods and homes are threatened.

Ilois people are removed
from their homes in
Diego Garcia by the UK
and US Governments of
the day.

The islanders are promised
homes, education and
employment elsewhere but
in reality are left to fend
for themselves in the
shanty towns of Mauritius.

After six years of living in poverty,
the islanders begin a series of meetings
to reclaim the lives they had been forced  
out of.

Islanders rebel against authority as 
they take strike action. 
Many of the islanders are arrested.             


As a result of years of poverty, campaigns and
civil unrest, the islanders finally organise 
themselves into bringing the fight to go home  
to a new generation.

First stage protests begin with a
petition to remove the US bases from Diego Garcia.  


1999 - present
After many years of struggle to have
their rights restored, the islanders
bring their fight to the British